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A Method to Standardize Quantification of Left Atrial Scar From Delayed-Enhancement MR Images

R. Karim, A. Arujuna, R.J. Housden, J. Gill, H. Cliffe, K. Matharu, J. Gill, C.A. Rindaldi, M. O'Neil, D. Rueckert, R. Razavi, T. Schaeffter, K. Rhode

Standardization of quantification for left-atrial scar will allow the selection of patients who are predicted to respond well to ablation procedures for cardiac arrhythmias. This could improve the success rate of such procedures and reduce recurrence of arrhythmias. An algorithm to standardize quantification is proposed…

An Adaptive Home-Use Robotic Rehabilitation System for the Upper Body

A. Dowling, O. Barzilay, Y. Lombrozo, A. Wolf

The research objective was to create a home-use robotic rehabilitation system. Data was obtained in real-time from a Microsoft Kinect™ and a wireless surface EMG system. Subjects completed visual follow exercise tasks in a 3D visual environment. Data from two training exercises were used to generate a neural network, which was used to simulate the subject’s individual performance. A wearable arm robot prototype was built that was able to mimic changes in a subject’s elbow angle in real-time…

Development of a Compact Rectenna for Wireless Powering of a Head-mountable Deep Brain Stimulation Device

K. Hosain, A. Kouzani, S. Tye, O. Abulseoud, A. Amiet, A. Galehdar, A. Kaynak, M. Berk

Design of a rectangular spiral planar inverted-F antenna (PIFA) at 915 MHz for wireless power transmission applications is proposed. The antenna and the rectifying circuitry form a rectenna which can produce DC power from a distant radio frequency energy transmitter. The generated DC power is used to operate a low power deep brain stimulation pulse generator…

Acoustic Analysis of Inhaler Sounds from Community-Dwelling Asthmatic Patients for Automatic Assessment of Adherence

M. Holmes, S. D'Arcy, R. Costello, R. Reilly

Inhalers are devices which deliver medication to the airways in the treatment of chronic respiratory diseases. When used correctly inhalers relieve and improve patients’ symptoms. However, adherence to inhaler medication has been demonstrated to be poor, leading to reduced clinical outcomes, wasted medication and higher healthcare costs…

FingerSight: Fingertip Haptic Sensing of the Visual Environment

S. Horvath, J. Galeotti, B. Wu, R. Klatzky, M. Siegel, G. Stetten

We present a novel device mounted on the fingertip for acquiring and transmitting visual information through haptic channels. In contrast to previous systems in which the user interrogates an intermediate representation of visual information, such as a tactile display representing a camera generated image…

In Vivo Brain Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy: A Measurement of Biomarker Sensitivity to Post-Processing Algorithms

D. Cocuzzo, A. Lin, P. Stanwell, C. Mountford, N. Keshava

Clinical translation of reported biomarkers requires reliable and consistent algorithms to derive biomarkers. However, the literature reports statistically significant differences between one dimensional MRS measurements from control groups and subjects with disease states but frequently provides little information on the algorithms and parameters used…

RFID Tag Helix Antenna Sensors for Wireless Drug Dosage Monitoring

H. Huang, P. Zhao, P. Chen, Y. Ren, X. Liu, M. Ferrari, Y. Hu, D. Akinwande

This paper presents the concept of using a specifically designed RFID tag helix antenna as the sensing agent to wirelessly monitor the drug dosage inside a capsule or reservoir. Such a convenient and low cost sensing mechanism can potentially be applied in transdermal or implanted controllable drug delivery systems…

Novel System for Real-Time Integration of 3-D Echocardiography and Fluoroscopy for Image-Guided Cardiac Interventions: Preclinical Validation and Clinical Feasibility Evaluation

A.V. Arujuna, R.J. Housden, R.J., Y. Ma, R. Rajani, G. Gao, N. Nijhof, P. Cathier, R. Bullens, G. Gijsbers, V. Parish, S. Kapetanakis, J. Hancock, C.A. Rinaldi, M. Cooklin, J. Gill, M. Thomas, M.D. O'neill, R. Razavi, K.S. Rhode

Real-time imaging is required to guide minimally invasive catheter-based cardiac interventions. While transesophageal echocardiography allows for high-quality visualization of cardiac anatomy, X-ray fluoroscopy provides excellent visualization of devices. We have developed a novel image fusion system that allows real-time integration…

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