A Miniature Dual-biomarker-based Sensing and Conditioning Device for Closed-loop DBS

September 6, 2019

Mahboubeh ParastarfeizabadiAbbas Kouzani

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A Miniature Dual-biomarker-based Sensing and Conditioning Device for Closed-loop DBS

In this paper, a dual-biomarker-based neural sensing and conditioning device is proposed for closing the feedback loop in deep brain stimulation devices. The device explores both local field potentials (LFPs) and action potentials (APs) as measured biomarkers. It includes two channels, each having four main parts: (1) a pre-amplifier with built-in low-pass filter, (2) a ground shifting circuit, (3) an amplifier with low-pass function, and (4) a high-pass filter. The design specifications include miniature-size, light-weight, and 100 dB gain in the LFP and AP channels. This device has been validated through bench and in-vitro tests. The bench tests have been performed using different sinusoidal signals and pre-recorded neural signals. The in-vitro tests have been conducted in the saline solution that mimics the brain environment. The total weight of the device including a 3 V coin battery, and battery holder is 1.2 g. The diameter of the device is 11.2 mm. The device can be used to concurrently sense LFPs and APs for closing the feedback loop in closed-loop deep brain stimulation systems. It provides a tetherless head-mountable platform suitable for pre-clinical trials.



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