Electromechanically Actuated Multifunctional Wireless Auxetic Device for Wound Management

December 11, 2017

Mariam MirUmar AnsariMurtaza Najabat AliMuhammad Hassan ul IftikharFaisal Qayyum

Electromechanically Actuated Multifunctional Wireless Auxetic Device for Wound Management

The design and fabrication of a wound healing device for chronic wounds, with multiple functions for controlled drug delivery and exudate removal, has been described in this paper. The structural features have been machined and modified through laser cutting in a biocompatible polymer cast. Miniaturized versions of electronically actuated (lead-screw and pulley) mechanisms are used for the specific purpose of controlled drug delivery. These mechanisms have been studied and tested, being controlled through a microcontroller setup. An auxetic polymeric barrier membrane has been used for restricting the drug quantities administered. Drug delivery mechanisms are powered wirelessly, through an external, active RF component; this communicates with a passive component that is buried inside the wound healing device. The exudate removal efficiency of the device has been assessed through several simple tests using simulated wound exudate. It has been found that reasonably precise quantities of drug dosages to be administered to the wound site can be controlled through both drug delivery mechanisms; however, the lead-screw mechanism provides a better control of auxetic barrier membrane actuation and hence controlled drug delivery. We propose that this device can have potential clinical significance in controlled drug delivery and exudate removal in the management of chronic wounds.



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