David N. Steele

David N. Steele

David N. Steele received a B.Sc. Hons. degree in Biochemistry (’98) and a Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry (’05) from Queen’s University of Belfast, U.K. He spent 10 years in industry engaged in cell-based assay development, exploiting microfluidic approaches to simplify previously complex cell analysis techniques. More recently his focus has moved to improving the interface between biochemical sensors and analysis systems to enable the development of user-friendly diagnostic platforms.


  • Bio-fluid sample tester system with LoRa radio
    A Community-based IoT Personalized Wireless Healthcare Solution Trial

    Part of the Special Issue Advanced Internet of Things in a Personalized Healthcare System: Validation, Analysis and Utilization
    This paper presents an advanced Internet of Things point-of-care bio-fluid analyzer; a LoRa/Bluetooth-enabled electronic reader for biomedical strip-based diagnostics system for personalized monitoring. We undertake test simulations (technology trial without patient subjects) to demonstrate potential of long-range analysis, using a disposable test `key’ and companion Android app to form a diagnostic platform suitable for remote point-of-care screening for UTI.


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