John P. Clancy

John P. Clancy

Dr. Clancy is a Professor of Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, and recently joined the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation as the Senior Director of Clinical Research. His research program focuses on airway epithelial biology, pulmonary imaging, and new outcome measures for clinical and translational research. Specifically, the goals of his research program are 1) to examine strategies to restore activity to mutant, diseasecausing CFTR mutations in preclinical model systems and in human subjects, 2) to develop new biomarkers of CFTR activity, and 3) to advance novel techniques to monitor CF lung disease. He utilizes these themes to provide research training platforms to future physicianscientists, focusing on translational research across model systems to human subjects. This is accomplished through the design and execution of studies in cell-based model systems, patient-derived tissues and specimens, and human subjects. Dr. Clancy has been the primary or co-mentor of >20 fellows, graduate students and junior faculty. He has published > 250 peer reviewed publications, and regularly provides leadership in clinical and translational research through the international CF research community.



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