Mary J. Morrell

Mary J. Morrell

Mary J. Morrell received her PhD from London University, followed by a Wellcome Trust Fellowship at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Prof Morrells research is focused on the interaction between respiratory control and sleep mechanisms that lead to sleep related breathing disorders, specifically sleep apnoea. This approach has led to the translation of physiological studies into large randomised treatment trials, for example the impact of sleep apnoea in older people. She founded a UK respiratory-sleep network facilitating multi-centre trials and her recent studies have focused on the neurological impact of sleep apnoea; particularly accelerated neural decline in older people, and the impact of sleepiness on daytime function. Her research is supported by funding from the Wellcome Trust, British Heart Foundation and National Institute of Health Research. Mary has served on the American Thoracic Society Board of Directors, and the Physiological Society Executive Board. She is President of the British Sleep Society.


  • Automatic Sleep Monitoring Using Ear-EEG

    The monitoring of sleep patterns without patient’s inconvenience or involvement of a medical specialist is a clinical question of significant importance. To this end, we propose an automatic sleep stage monitoring system based on an affordable, unobtrusive, discreet, and long-term wearable in-ear sensor for recording the electroencephalogram (ear-EEG). The selected features for sleep pattern classification from a single ear-EEG channel include the spectral edge frequency and multi-scale fuzzy entropy, a structural complexity feature. In this preliminary study, the manually scored hypnograms from simultaneous scalp-EEG and ear-EEG recordings of four subjects are used as labels for two analysis scenarios.


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