Philip A. Catherwood

Philip A. Catherwood

Philip A. Catherwood received the B.Eng. (Hons.) degree in engineering and the M.Sc. degree in electronics from Ulster University, U.K., in 1997 and 2001 respectively, and the Ph.D. degree in electrical and electronic engineering from Queen’s University of Belfast, U.K., in 2011. He has worked in a range of industry over an 11 year period, developing bespoke scientific measurement equipment and high-speed optical communications devices.

His research interests are in Internet of Things systems, wearable wireless medical devices, indoor radio channel modeling, biotelemetry point-ofcare diagnostics, and connected health systems. He has been an Invited Speaker at the 2010 Intel European Research Innovation Conference and is a reviewer for numerous IEEE and IET journals. He has also a reviewer for ESPRC grants and is a book reviewer for CRC Press/Taylor and Francis. His technical contribution to the Telecoms industry was acknowledged through two prestigious industrial recognition awards.


  • Bio-fluid sample tester system with LoRa radio
    A Community-based IoT Personalized Wireless Healthcare Solution Trial

    Part of the Special Issue Advanced Internet of Things in a Personalized Healthcare System: Validation, Analysis and Utilization
    This paper presents an advanced Internet of Things point-of-care bio-fluid analyzer; a LoRa/Bluetooth-enabled electronic reader for biomedical strip-based diagnostics system for personalized monitoring. We undertake test simulations (technology trial without patient subjects) to demonstrate potential of long-range analysis, using a disposable test `key’ and companion Android app to form a diagnostic platform suitable for remote point-of-care screening for UTI.


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