Vinay Bhardwaj

Vinay Bhardwaj

Dr. Vinay Bhardwaj is a biomedical engineer (BME) by training. He earned his doctoral degree in BME from Florida International University (FIU) in 2015 and he is currently a postdoc at Rutgers-BME. He has 9+ years of laser-focus experience in developing portable optical biosensors platforms for in-situ and point-of-care detection in resource-limited-settings (primary) and photo-nano-medicine for cancer and brain diseases.

Dr. Bhardwaj was among top three global inventors of 2015 selected by Capplow Science Foundation in Miami to showcase his US patent pending technology “on-chip SLISA” for in-home carcinogen detection. He is also the recipient of other highly competitive awards including Photon Young Scientist award-2014 in BME, FIU Provost Award-2015 for outstanding BME teaching, and Outstanding Doctoral Degree Award-2015 for exemplary service to FIU and the community.



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