Special Issues

Periodically, JTEHM will publish special issues centered around a conference or topic.

UPCOMING – JTEHM 2017 Special Issue: Innovations and Point-of-Care Technologies in Precision Health

We are pleased to announce the JTEHM 2017 Special Issue on Innovations and Point-of-Care Technologies in Precision Health. Accepted papers will be published in July/August 2017 in the IEEE Journal of Translational Engineering in Health and Medicine, an open access journal that is indexed in PubMed and IEEE Xplore.

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UPCOMING – Special Issue on “Advanced Internet of Things in a Personalized Healthcare System: Validation, Analysis and Utilization”

Due to the exponential growth of wearable devices and mobile apps, healthcare as a field is being transformed by Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled technology. The traditional hubs of healthcare, such as hospitals and clinics, are being transformed into personalized healthcare systems–especially the mobile environment…

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NIH-IEEE POCT 2015 Special Issue

The JTEHM Special Issue on Healthcare Innovations and Point-of-Care Technologies for Precision Medicine is a select group of papers based upon work presented at the NIH-IEEE POCT 2015 Conference, held November 9-10, 2015. Papers published in this special issue contain substantially expanded and enhanced content, including methodology, results, and analysis.

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This Special Issue features selected papers from IEEE EMBS BHI 2014 –The International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics. The conference, held on 1-4 June 2014 in Valencia, Spain, covered diverse topics from cutting-edge biomedical and healthcare technology research and development, to clinical applications, to biomedical education. The overall theme of the conference was “translating key health challenges with advances in biomedical informatics.”

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