Special Issue: NIH-IEEE POCT 2016

Special Issue: NIH-IEEE POCT 2016

The JTEHM Special Issue on Healthcare Innovations and Point-of-Care Technologies 2016 is a select group of papers based upon work presented at the NIH-IEEE HI-POCT 2016 Conference, held November 9-11, 2016 in Cancun, Mexico. The special topic conference, which was co-sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), focused on healthcare innovations and point-of-care technologies and their clinical translation to address challenges in global quality healthcare. The papers in this special issue address the development, clinical translational, commercialization, implementation, and user-compliance of innovative healthcare and point-of-care technologies in clinical, consumer, and under-resourced settings, and contain substantially expanded and enhanced content, including methodology, results, and analysis.

Included Papers:


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